Aug 25, 2020




It’s on the news, the radio, social media and in just about every conversation we have or overhear. In a relatively short period of time, COVID-19 has become the most common term on the planet. But despite its familiarity, there is still uncertainty about the symptoms, the risks and even the steps to take if you think you or someone in your family might have COVID-19.

Know that Family Doctors Plus is here to help you. So, stay calm and follow these three simple steps which will provide answers and help to keep you safe.

Step 1

If you:

  1. Suspect you have been exposed to coronavirus
  2. Have any of these symptoms (no matter how mild) – fever, or history of fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, acute fatigue, acute muscle or acute joint aches, loss of smell or loss of taste
  3. Have travelled outside of Australia in the last 14 days, or interstate,  or been in contact with someone who has the virus

CALL THE CLINIC on (07) 3357 8192

At Family Doctors Plus we offer telephone consultations/telehealth appointments and, if necessary, we can organise a COVID-19 test for you (or your family member) at a private pathology lab near you.

Step 2

What to expect when you are tested for COVID-19:

  • The clinician carrying out your test will use a thin stick to swab the back of your throat and another will be inserted about 2-3cms up your nose to gather mucous. It is natural to feel anxious but remember that the more relaxed you are, the quicker and easier the test will be.
  • You will be advised to return home immediately after the test and self-isolate until you have the results of your test. Your test results may take 1 to 3 days. Some pathology labs in Brisbane will send you an SMS with the test results.
  • You need to stay home and self isolate until the test results are back and negative, and all the symptoms are resolved.
  • Remember, isolation means no outings and no visitors.

Step 3

Every household should understand the ongoing importance of good hygiene practices with:

  • Regular, thorough hand washing
  • Surface cleaning
  • Social distancing

But, if you suspect someone in your household might have COVID-19, be extra vigilant and discuss with the doctor the steps you should take to reduce further risk.


Keeping the Family Doctors Plus phone number (07 33578192) handy will offer you a sense of security. The Queensland Government website is constantly being updated and is another great place to get information.

Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry, so don’t be afraid to call us at Family Doctors Plus (07 3357 8192) if you have any concerns.

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