Aug 31, 2020




The scenario…

Employer: the CVs are in and, on paper, your chosen candidates look perfect. But are they fit enough for the job? Will their physical health be an asset or an impediment which prevents them from effectively fulfilling the requirements of their role?

For the employee: on paper, the job looks like the ideal fit, but the practical realities of the role might challenge their physical capabilities or put their health at risk. This may leave you as the employer liable for work injuries and lead to lost productivity with staff illness and injury.

This is why an objective pre-employment medical health check is of value: it is mutually beneficial. It shows duty of care by employers and assures employees of their job readiness. The process reveals any pre-existing conditions which might impact a worker’s future health or their capacity to carry out a particular job safely and effectively.

Industry-Specific Testing

Statistics from SafeWork Australia tell us that work-related injury and disease costs Australia billions of dollars each year, with employers footing on average 5% of that cost. Industries are therefore becoming increasingly vigilant about health and safety practices and protecting their employees.

At Corporate Doctors Plus, our health assessments are tailored to each industry and appropriate to the particular requirements of the job. Standard inclusions are:

  • Cardiovascular, central nervous system, respiratory and musculoskeletal examinations
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Urine analysis
  • Vision assessment including colour blindness

More specific testing available includes

  • Audiometry (hearing) within our sound booth
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)
  • Urine drug testing
  • Functional physical testing with a physiotherapist

The Benefits

We offer this service because our core business is health, safety, awareness, and wellness. In industry your core business only functions effectively and productively with a workforce that is healthy, safe, informed and well. The Pre-Employment Medical Check contributes to building this workforce.

So, the health check

  • Ensures prospective employees are medically and functionally capable of performing their assigned jobs
  • Identifies any pre-existing health conditions of which the employee was previously unaware
  • Provides transparency for both parties before contracts are entered into

With the right employee in the right role – a role for which they are physically equipped -there is less likelihood of injury or illness and, consequently, less absenteeism. This not only benefits the bottom line of your business, but low rates of absenteeism have been shown to benefit staff morale.

If you would like more information on Pre-Employment Medical Checks, we are always happy to chat. Please feel free to contact Laura on 3357 8192 or email if you have any queries. On behalf of our Directors Dr Maria Boulton and Dr Fiona Raciti, we thank you for your consideration of our services. Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance. We are here to help.

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