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Are you planning a trip overseas?

Our travel doctors can prepare a personalised travel pack for you and your family. As a travel clinic Family Dr+ provide all your travel vaccinations including yellow fever and rabies vaccines. Our doctors can update you on the latest information on travel medicine so that you enjoy your trip as healthy and safely as possible. We can update you on the latest information regarding Zika virus and pregnancy.

Our doctors, nurses and administration staff are all keen travellers. Our most recent trips include (Peru, Central America, Hawaii, South Africa and Ireland). We look forward to returning to travel after the COVID pandemic.

Why pay for parking in the city to have travel vaccinations when we have free and easy parking?

Family Doctors Plus also offers corporate packages for business travellers.

An important travel hazard that people often forget is rabies. Rabies is transmitted by mammals (eg. dogs, monkey, bats) either through a bite or scratch. Most travellers that become infected with rabies do not travel with the intention of coming in contact with animals, it just happens. Thus please consider rabies vaccination if travelling to countries where this disease exists. And tell your children not to pat any animals, regardless of how cute they are if you are visiting those countries.

Did you know that if you are considering pregnancy and travel to a country where Zika virus is found and become infected there is a time period that you (men and women) need to wait before getting pregnant? Our doctors can advise you further on this important issue and give you the latest information on where Zika is found. Zika infected mosquitoes bite during the daytime. We recommend you pack some DEET containing spray (unless allergic) and spray it on day and night if you are travelling to a country where this virus is found.

We are a fountain of general advise as our doctors are well travelled and have first hand knowledge of many countries. We stay up to date with the latest information on travel medicine available to help you plan your medical/ prevention needs when you travel. Please note some vaccinations may need to be ordered which may take 2 business days.

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