Jan 22, 2019




When a new year rolls around it’s customary for us to think about what we might change in order to live better over the next 12 months. Should be simple, right?

But how many of us optimistically make promises to ourselves in January that are all but a distant memory by June?

Try these quick wins to improve your health this year. They’re easy to start and easy to stick to – and they’re guaranteed to earn you a high-five from your doctor.

Think thankfully

Numerous studies on gratitude have delved into the health benefits of living a more thankful life. Possible side effects of keeping a gratitude journal include better sleep and greater resilience to stress, which can help your body combat a range of health problems.

Move more

Work more physical activity into your weekly routine. The key here is to make your goal achievable, so that you keep moving all year round rather than burning out within a month. Start small and increase your exercise time gradually.

Say yes to sleep

Commit to going to bed earlier. Like exercise, you can do this incrementally until you’re at the recommended eight hours per night. Your tech devices may be reducing the quality of your sleep, so avoid using your phone right before bed, put it in another room while you sleep, and read a good old-fashioned book before lights-out.

Look to learn

Your brain needs exercise too. Learning a new skill or extending an existing one is good for your mental health and can bring added benefits, such as new friends or broader career options. What have you always thought of trying? Do it this year.

Check your health

It’s easy to put off check-ups with your GP, but prioritising your health and wellbeing by seeing a professional is one of the best steps you can take this year. Make an appointment with your doctor for a general health check and to discuss any niggling worries you may have.


At Family Doctors Plus, we’re committed to building a healthier, happier community through health education and evidence-based care. Our experienced doctors focus on health, wellness, prevention, physical activity and good nutrition – not just disease. Make an appointment and take charge of your health in 2019.

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