Dec 17, 2020




New Developments in the Mining Industry – the employer’s responsibility:

The Queensland Department of Resources’ new zero serious harm policy has prompted an amendment in policy to respond to the rising number of confirmed cases of Mine Dust Lung Disease (MDLD) amongst current and former mine and quarry workers.

September 2020’s amendment to the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Regulation (2017) now requires employers to ensure that Queensland’s 15,000 mineral mine and quarry workers undertake periodic medicals to identify any changes in lung function or early signs of lung disease.

The move by the Queensland Government means that mineral mine and quarry workers will now be afforded the same reassurance as their coal mining counterparts who already have mandatory respiratory health screening. Now, on entry into the industry and at least once every five years while in the industry, workers must be tested (Even some retired and former mine workers might also be eligible for a funded respiratory health examination – enquire here).

With silica dust being 20 times more toxic than coal dust, these routine health checks are a necessary and welcome addition to the measures already in place to protect the health of mine workers. Mine dust lung diseases, such as pneumoconiosis, can take up to 10 years to develop and even longer to produce noticeable symptoms, so prevention is crucial and the medical plays a vital role in protecting the respiratory health of employees.

What the medical involves

Workers will have a chest X-ray that is read by at least two registered, accredited radiologists, and a spirometry (lung function) test.


How Corporate Doctors Plus can help

Whether you are involved in the mineral mining, quarrying or coal mining industries, Corporate Doctors Plus have the medical expertise to assist you in maintaining the good health of you, and your employees. Our team of highly qualified and certified health professionals offer:

  • Respiratory Health Surveillance for Qld Mineral Mine & Quarry workers (registered with Resources Safety & Health Qld.)
  • NSW & Qld. Coal Medicals
  • Respiratory/face fit testing (Registered with NSW Order 43)
  • Pre-employment medicals/screening programs


Corporate Doctors Plus in Windsor, Brisbane is open seven days a week. Our clinic is conveniently located only ten minutes from Brisbane Airport, with free, ample, undercover parking on site. We have two state-of-the-art treatment rooms dedicated to testing and we can fit your workers in at short notice, and at weekends by request. Enquire today by calling us on 33578192 or find out more here.

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