Sep 06, 2017




Overseas travel has become increasingly popular and accessible to Australians of all ages – from solo backpackers to senior travellers, business trippers and adventuring families. Even though tourism, industrial globalisation, humanitarian work and migrant employment have increased our likelihood to travel abroad, studies suggest that only a small number of travellers get health advice before leaving.

Travel medicineWhile we are all travelling more and exotic destinations are increasingly within our reach, this doesn’t mean that the risk of illness has decreased. Gastrointestinal ailments remain common, and serious diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, rabies, dengue fever and Zika virus are still threats in many parts of the world.

Travel medicine has become an increasingly complex field, as it provides care to a diverse range of people, young and old, with varied preexisting conditions and health concerns. As a result, personalised medical advice is crucial in terms of pre-trip preparations.

At Family Doctors Plus we understand that there are many aspects of planning a trip and that it can be easy to overlook the importance of seeing your doctor for pre-travel advice. But it isn’t worth risking your health and the enjoyment of your trip by failing to take precautions before you leave. Almost all travel-related diseases are preventable.

At Family Doctors Plus we’ll provide:

  • personalised travel advice based on your medical history, your age and your destinations
  • travel vaccinations
  • first aid packs containing antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, malaria prophylaxis medication and more
  • a travel letter to present at customs and written instructions on when to use medications.

Book an appointment with us to discuss your upcoming travel requirements.

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