Jun 14, 2017




Are you and your child asthma ready for winter? Winter has finally arrived and with it viral upper respiratory tract infections and cold weather, which can both trigger asthma symptoms in some people. Do you have a spacer for your inhalers? Do you know how to use it? Do you know how often you can use your inhaler? When to see a doctor if your asthma deteriorates? What to do in an emergency? Do you have an asthma action plan? Do you know what asthma is and how the medications work? If you answered no to the above it is time to book an asthma care plan with our nurses and doctors. You will learn how to use your inhalers and when, what to do in an emergency and have an individualised asthma action plan you can reefer to. Remember, education is power and the more you know about asthma the better you will be at managing it.

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