May 04, 2018




Whilst embracing your 60’s, your life and priorities will have changed, and you may have realised the importance of good health.

Staying healthy now means you can make the most of your plans for the years ahead – life, travel, family time and retirement.

Check out these simple health tips and work towards making them part of your daily routine to ensure you are living a full and healthy life.

Physical activity

You lose muscle at a faster rate than you gain it. You don’t have to become a gym-junkie, just find an activity you enjoy. It can be as diverse as walking your dog, Tai Chi, Pilates or dancing. A physiotherapist can create a strengthening program for you. Check with your doctor first before embarking on a new exercise regimen.


Some people over the age of 60 do not eat enough protein (lean meats, dairy, legumes). Protein is an essential building block for muscles and it helps in the healing process. Fruit, vegetables and dairy are also essential for a healthier immune system and a more energetic you.

Exercise your mind

Your brain also needs exercising. Researchers now believe that following a brain-healthy lifestyle and performing regular, targeted brain exercises can also increase your brain’s cognitive reserve. You can do this with games such as Scrabble, crossword puzzles or by learning something new- like a language or a dance routine. Check out these simple exercises to maintain a healthy brain. Mental Fitness Exercises

Be happy in yourself

Being fulfilled with your role in life as a parent, grandparent, sibling, volunteer, worker, retiree or traveller is essential for your happiness. If you are not happy with where you find yourself in life, then now is a good time to reassess how you can get back to your goals and values.

Healthy bones

Both men and women are at risk of osteoporosis which increases the risk of fractures such as hip fractures. Look at the Osteoporosis Australia website for more information Ask your GP about how to reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

Health checks

Regular health checks will help you address problems before they become bigger issues that can affect your health and wellbeing.

Knowing where to go for help

An experienced GP that you can communicate easily with is essential. Our Family Doctors Plus GP’s and allied health professionals can help you to achieve a healthier you.

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