Sep 25, 2017





Did you know that long-term absence from work due to injury can adversely affect an employee’s health? Research shows that the sooner an injured worker returns to work, the better it is for their health and wellbeing.

This is why at Corporate Doctors Plus we focus on getting workers back to the job as soon as possible. We do this through:

  • a rehabilitation program tailored to the individual, including a suitable duties plan and estimated time off work
  • consulting with the worker’s employer.

An early return to work benefits workers and employers

For an injured employee, a rehabilitation program means:

  • a faster recovery time
  • returning to work quickly and safely
  • less disruption to family, work and social life
  • more financial security
  • preventing long-term disability.

Rehabilitating an injured worker so that they can return to work swiftly is important for employers too, because it:

  • reduces disruption and lost productivity
  • minimises staff turnover and re-training expenses
  • improves staff morale and industrial relations
  • reduces claims and insurance premiums.

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