Mar 28, 2018




“Do I still need to be on my PPI?” A question for your GP

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are commonly prescribed medications which reduce the amount of acid produced by the lining of your stomach. The most common reason for being prescribed a PPI is the treatment of reflux. Long term use of PPIs has an important role in the treatment of many acid-related disorders. However, short term use is appropriate in cases of uncomplicated reflux and gradual step-down of dosage should be considered by your GP after your initial symptoms have resolved.

There are many factors that exacerbate reflux such as certain foods (citrus, spicy food, fatty food), drinks (alcohol, caffeine), late night meals and some medications. Controlling these factors may improve your reflux symptoms and reduce your need to take the PPI. If you take a PPI, we encourage you to discuss your dose with your GP at your next appointment.

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