Jan 08, 2018




It’s been another boozy Christmas season, your fridge is overflowing with leftovers and your gym gear hasn’t seen the light of day for a few weeks… Cue sheepish New Year’s Eve declarations that you’re going to take better care of your health in 2018.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be difficult. Resolving to make some small changes to your routines can pay big dividends in terms of your health. Here are some simple things you can do in the new year to boost your wellbeing and impress your GP.

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MeditateMake time each day to be still, breathe and focus your thoughts inwards. Meditation has been linked to numerous health benefits, from improving concentration to managing pain.



Step up


Desk jobs, long commutes and evenings spent in front of the television all contribute to sedentary lifestyles that are damaging to our health. Think of ways you can move more during the week, whether it’s squeezing in an extra work out before work or walking during your lunch break.




sleepSleep problems can impact every aspect of our lives, impairing our concentration, reducing work efficiency and disrupting our emotional stability. If you know you’re not getting enough sleep, try gradually shifting your bedtime earlier by 15 minutes until you’re getting roughly eight hours per night. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, make your room more conducive to sleep by banishing electronic equipment, and practise relaxation exercises before turning in for the night.


Book a holiday

passportYou may have just returned from Christmas holidays but think about where to go next – vacations give us something to look forward to. They also reduce stress by giving our minds and bodies a break from the daily grind, and give us the opportunity to focus on family and friends. If you’re heading overseas, see your doctor for medical advice beforehand.

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