Mar 23, 2020




Its that time of year again! Are your employees flu-ready?

As the flu season is fast approaching it’s important to get prepared and prepare your workplace to reduce sick days caused by this highly contagious illness. Up to one in ten adults and three in ten children in Australia are infected with influenza each year and in the workplace, it infects around 1 to 4 people, usually in the winter months.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 20 to 30 per cent of people who carry the influenza virus never experience flu-like symptoms. It is very contagious and thrives in working environments. Influenza can last up to 7-10 days, meaning an employee may be away sick for that period. Moreover, people are contagious for days prior to exhibiting symptoms and not know it, passing the flu to others.

It is important for workplaces to arrange influenza vaccination programs as the influenza vaccine is different every year to protect against new strains of the rapidly evolving influenza virus. Workplace vaccination programs are estimated to result in a significant return on investment, particularly during a severe influenza season. The influenza vaccination is 70–90% effective in preventing influenza-specific illness in healthy adults and complications from influenza such as pneumonia. Immunity develops about two weeks after the vaccination and lasts for a year.

So why should workplaces participate in an influenza vaccination program?

  • Reduces the number of employee sick days
  • Promotes a healthy work environment
  • Prevents productivity loss
  • Decreases employee disruption and increased workloads for employees that are not infected

Our team of health experts at Corporate Doctors Plus can assist with your workplace vaccination program.

For bookings and costs, please contact our reception on 07 3357 8192 (Windsor).

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