Jul 04, 2018




We know that healthy, happy, well-balanced employees are also more energetic and creative. If you invest in their wellbeing you’re giving your organisation the best chance of adapting well to change, and this could be a defining factor for its success in the future.

If you feel like you’re falling short, here are some ideas for quick wins – some of which won’t cost you a thing – that will boost the health of your workers.

Stand up or walk for meetings

The average Australian spends about one-third of his or her life at work – that’s a lot of time to sit in a chair. Encourage a culture where people “walk and talk” when they need quick meetings, or where daily team catch-ups are done standing up instead.

Sign up for the 10,000 Steps challenge

This genius free initiative has been going since 2001. Run by CQUniversity, it challenges everyday Australians to move more (10,000 steps per person is the target for each day). All you need to do is:

  • get your employees to form teams and sign up on the 10,000 Steps website
  • have them wear pedometers that will track their steps as a team
  • follow the progress of each team and your workplace on the website or free iPhone app.

Switch to healthy options at work functions

Ditch the biscuits, cake and sausage rolls in favour of fruit, sushi and wholesome sandwiches at your next work function. While you’re at it, think of alternatives to chocolates and booze as workplace gifts and prizes – think healthy hampers, cookbooks and vouchers for sports stores or spa treatments.

Start a lunchtime walking or running group

This ties in nicely with the 10,000 Steps challenge. A walk, run or other exercise session at lunch time a couple of days a week is a great way for your employees to stay active, energise themselves for the afternoon shift, and also get to know each other in a different setting.

Get expert advice

Workplace wellness experts can provide many wonderful resources and great practical strategies for employers. Partnering with a professional also means that you can have suggestions and programs tailored specifically to your organisation.

Our Corporate Doctors Plus service provides a holistic, evidence-based approach to health in the corporate sector. We understand financial budget constraints but also that your employees’ health is important to the bottom line of your business. We can help you minimise sick leave and time off due to injury by improving your employees’ overall health, fitness and emotional wellbeing. Contact us to find out more about developing a healthy, resilient workforce.

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