May 24, 2017




Does workplace drug and alcohol testing work?

Workplace drug and alcohol testing should be an important consideration for all employers, and in the construction, transport and resources sectors it’s crucial. Here’s why:

It makes the workplace safer (obviously!)

The primary concern when it comes to testing employees for drugs and alcohol is their safety and the safety of their co-workers. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs who is operating machinery or driving vehicles, for instance, is a danger to those around them and could cause injuries or even deaths while they’re working for you. As an employer, it’s in your best interests to minimise the risk of such a situation, and to protect yourself from liabilities that arise in drug-related accidents.

It acts as a deterrent

People are less likely to break the rules if they know they can be caught out and that there will be consequences. For this reason, it’s important that your business has clear drug and alcohol

policies and procedures for when an employee is found to be using legal or illegal drugs at work. These could include warnings, suspensions, zero-tolerance dismissals or rehabilitation approaches. Whether you’re carrying out pre-employment screening or randomly testing your employees, discussing and implementing your workplace drug and alcohol policy with an experienced occupational health professional is essential.

It sends a message to your staff and clients

Showing your workers that you’re very serious about providing a safe and healthy environment for them can only be a good thing. In recruitment terms it means that you’ll attract high-calibre staff, and it boosts your reputation amongst clients as well.

It saves you money

Drug and alcohol use affects the productivity of your business. As well as posing a real danger to those around them, workers under the influence are less reliable and less efficient. This means that they’re costing you money when they shouldn’t be – both in lost revenue and in recruitment costs if you have to replace them.

It helps protect you legally

In the event of a workplace accident, you can be held liable, particularly if you’ve failed to provide a safe working environment for your staff. Without workplace testing it’s impossible to positively identify or prove that an employee is a risk, and therefore it’s harder for you to navigate that risk effectively. It is of utmost importance to engage an organisation that is accredited to do the testings as some organisations are not, which is not legally defensible.

Using a certified testing company to screen employees and advise you on your legal obligations ensures that you can identify and deal with problems before they become a liability.

Corporate Doctors Plus is an accredited drug and alcohol testing facility and our services are available at our state-of-the-art facilities or on site. Our doctors are experienced Coal Board Medical nominated medical advisors. We provide and implement workplace drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures, which is a legal requirement when providing drug testing. Talk to us today about drug and alcohol testing in your workplace.



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