May 12, 2020




With International Nurse Day 2020 upon us today, the team at Family Doctors Plus believe it’s important to highlight the significance nurses have in the healthcare industry. Nurses offer extensive knowledge and advice on patients all the way from birth to the end of life and they make up a large number of the healthcare workforce. In honour of our nurses, the Family Doctors Plus team have showcased the five different ways nurses are a vital part of our communities in this blog.


  1. Established trust with their patients

Nurses are frequently highly regarded in terms of garnering trust with their patients. They have developed a true reputation for being honest and reliable healthcare workers. Nurses deliver consistent and daily care to their patients are establish relationships and garner confidence between each other allowing for the most pleasant experience and relationship possible.


  1. Patient advocates

As a subsequent of establishing patient trust, the relationship allows nurses to advocate for the patient’s best interest. They prioritise their patient’s wellbeing and follow up on a multitude of decisions made in collaboration with both the patient and fellow healthcare professionals.


  1. Physically demanding career

The long hours and physical labour involved in nursing as a career has definitely been undermined. The night shifts and long hours running around on their feet can easily exhaust most, yet nurses consistently push through.


  1. They educate

As professional healthcare workers, nurses are responsible for fully understanding a vast range of knowledge and have the skill to convey these messages effectively to their patients. They both promote preventative strategies and illness management for their patients and fellow professionals.


  1. They spend the most time with their patients

You are likely not going to come across other professionals in the healthcare industry who spend as much time with their patients as nurses. These relationships are built on those foundational conversations between nurse and patient which can have a number of benefits for both such as the first few points of this blog such as education, advocacy and emotional support.


Overall, nurses continually collaborate with both their patients and other healthcare professionals. This means they have extensive knowledge while yet being able to create reliable relationships with their patients to achieve the best outcomes possible. Nurses are vital in being the middleman of trust and change in order to improve the ins and outs of the healthcare industry.

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