Jul 09, 2019




Corporate Wellness – a vital tool every business can utilise to ensure employee attention, retention, decrease employee turnover and ultimately attain a return on investment.

Good mental health and emotional resilience in your workplace can result in reduced costs and greater productivity for your organisation. Here at Family Doctors Plus, we see corporate wellness as so much more than that. Being the simple truth is that employees who feel appreciated will always do and be more than expected. Why? Because it is proven that employees who feel great, are more likely to do great work.

Family Doctors Plus are on the way to change our employees’ lives – as we have a strong belief in the power of corporate health to uplift, strengthen and energise both employees and their organisation as a whole, to help them achieve their potential.

Are you an organisation owner, or a business manager and believe you have some room for improvement for your employee wellness? A great place to start is to ask your employees what the management team can do for them to increase morale in the workplace – or even put it in an anonymous survey.

We are leading the way to build more resilient workplaces; our expertise is drawn from thousands of psychological assessments. This in-depth knowledge has enabled us to develop a practical methodology for building organisational cultures where people flourish, productivity is increased, and stress is minimised.

Our team appreciate the value of corporate health and wellness, and are equip with knowledge and experience to help raise employee morale. We are just an appointment away!

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