Nov 02, 2017




As a parent we all fear meningitis. There are different causes of the meningitis-viruses; parasites and bacteria.

Bacteria tend to be the most severe. The strains of bacterial mengicoccus that are most prevalent in Brisbane at the moment are B and W. In Australia children are vaccinated against the C strain at 12 months. QLD Health offers free vaccination for 15 year olds against the ACWY strains. At the moment, they are also offering free vaccines as a catch up to 15-19 year olds.

The vaccine against meningococcal B is not free so parents must pay for it. Children most at risk are the very young and those in boarding school.

Please call us for more information, we are able to provide both vaccines here. This is general advise only, your individual circumstances may be different so please always ask your doctor for advice.

Please also refer to last week’s post which provides more information on the Meningococcal ACWY vaccination program.

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